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Product Packing, Logistics and Sampling

We specialize in providing quality transportation management.

We specialize in providing quality transportation management. Through a combination of our people, technology and processes we have the ability to generate measurable results for our customers. Logistic service has access of warehouse space in strategic partnership locations. We offer complete, customized solutions for all of your business and industrial warehousing and logistics needs.

The Distribution Network
    • Factories where products are manufactured or assembled.
    • A depot or deposit is a standard type of warehouse thought for storing merchandise (high level of inventory).
    • Distribution centers are for order processing and order fulfillment (lower level of inventory) and also for receiving returning items from clients.
    • Transit points are built for cross docking activities, which consist in reassembling cargo units based on deliveries scheduled.
    • Traditional retail stores of Pop variety, modern supermarkets, hypermarkets, discount stores or also voluntary chains, consumer cooperative, groups of consumer with collective buying power. Note that subsidiaries will be mostly owned by another company and franchisers, although using other company brands, actually own the point of sale.



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