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Direct marketing to consumers.

Posters are sometimes huge and can be seen from a long distance and may appear along or on the sides of buildings. Posters may also appear in much smaller versions, sometimes like a postcard, and are called handbills. Whatever the size or shape, posters have a job to do and that is to convey information.

Poster advantages

 Low cost printing
 Custom design and size
  Can be print in several kinds of paper
  Can be seen from a long distance and may appear along or on the sides of buildings
 Direct marketing to consumers
Standard size for Poster

 Poster size A3 : 297 X 420 mm
 Poster size A2 : 420 X 594 mm
 Poster size A1 : 594 X 841 mm
Poster size A0 : 841 X 1189 mm

Poster Printing Paper

 Gloss or matte paper thickness 120,160 gsm

 Art card paper thickness 190,210, 230, 310, 360 gsm
 Strong paper thickness 270, 310, 350 gsm

ผลงานของเรา (Our Works)

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