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Paper Bags

Special features such as Spot UV, Die Cutting or UV Coated.

We specialize in customizing bags to your specifications but also carry a wide variety of bags in stock. And since paper is an excellent printing surface, most of our styles can be customized to your specification.

Paper Bags Advantages

 Can be customize size and design
 Special features such as spot uv, die cutting or uv coated
 Can use several papers
Size for Paper Bags

Paper bags are available in a range of sizes, degree of protection and resistance can be customized according to your specific needs, varying the number of layers, paper density and type of paper used; bags can be further customized with two-colour company logo printing.

Paper Bags Material

Most people are familiar with a variety of paper bags, such as kraft grocery bags, small paper lunch bags, and many types of small, often printed bags used to package goods at retail outlets. Moreover normal paper ca also make paper bag such as art card 260-360 gsm.

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